Back Brace Therapy for Low Back Pain

Man putting on a back brace.

If your low back pain has gone from temporary and acute to chronic or even severe, you might not be able to achieve the pain relief you need from physical therapy and medication alone.

That’s why at Cahaba Pain and Spine Care, our Board Certified Pain Physicians are experts at helping patients suffering from low back pain finally find relief using a range of advanced, yet minimally-invasive procedures, as well as Back Brace Therapy.

Since many patients are unsure how a back brace can help them achieve better mobility and pain-free living, we’ve put together the answers to the most common questions patients have on back braces for low back pain, including what they are used for and the types available.

Supporting Your Low Back When It Needs It Most

Lumbar braces are specifically designed to support your low back or lumbar spine. These devices work to provide stability and immobilize your lumbar region after an injury or surgery in order to give your body time to heal.

While in the past, heavy plaster casts were common in back bracing, today, lightweight plastic braces provide support, while still offering comfort. Depending on your condition and specific medical needs, your doctor will determine whether you will most benefit from a soft or rigid low back brace. While soft braces offer muscular support with enhanced movement, a rigid brace is designed to restrict motion.

Your pain specialist will often recommend a soft lumbar brace in combination with strengthening exercises to get you back to your normal daily activities. The brace provides the strength until your muscles are once again capable of taking over. These types of braces are also used post-surgery to prevent muscle fatigue during recovery.

On the other hand, your doctor may recommend a rigid low back brace option in cases where your spine lacks stability or requires an added level of support. This could include a vertebral compression fracture, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, and more.

Common Low Back Conditions that May Benefit from Brace Therapy

In fact, there are multiple conditions that may indicate the need for Back Brace Therapy, including:

Your doctor will evaluate you to determine whether a brace can help you recover and get out of pain, as well which type of brace would be most beneficial and how it should be worn.

Helping You Live Better

If you’re living with low back pain, Back Brace Therapy could offer you support and strength, as well as the time necessary for your lumbar spine to heal. Check with the expert team at Cahaba Pain and Spine Care today to see if a lumbar back brace is right for you.