Welcome Dr. Rooney


Dear Cahaba Pain and Spine Care Patient,

We are delighted to announce that a new physician will be joining our practice! Dr. Scott Rooney has completed a residency in anesthesiology and an accredited pain fellowship at UAB. Dr. Rooney shares a similar background to our other physicians, Drs. Thoma, Martin and Winkler. A highly capable and well-trained physician, Dr. Rooney was chosen from dozens of qualified candidates and will start evaluating patients at Cahaba Pain and Spine Care in August 2022.

The addition of Dr. Rooney will result in improved appointment availability for our patients, some of whom may wait several weeks for procedures and new patient visits. As always, our focus remains delivering excellent care and improving things where necessary. The addition of Dr. Rooney will allow Drs. Thoma, Martin and Winkler to continue serving Cahaba patients while improving your overall access to the clinic and your individualized care.

Dr. Rooney will be accepting new patients and also performing procedures for some of our established patients. He may perform a procedure for you or supervise your follow-up visit with one of the nurse practitioners. He may review your imaging or call you back about a diagnostic result. We look forward to working alongside him as he starts in early August. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Rooney to Cahaba Pain and Spine Care!


Drs. Martin, Thoma and Winkler