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FDA Approves New Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Device

Short-term Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Acute and Chronic Pain

The FDA recently approved a new peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) system called SPRINT, the latest in PNS technology.  PNS involves placing an electrode under the skin near a target peripheral nerve thought to be responsible for a patient’s pain pattern.  SPRINT is labeled for acute and chronic pain.  The electrode is connected to a battery source and can transmit an electrical current to the nerve and surrounding area, relieving acute or chronic pain.  Conventional PNS therapy involved having the device surgically implanted under the skin.  Although the stimulation is often beneficial, the surgically placed electrodes are subject to complications like migrating away from the target nerve suddenly or over time and the lifetime risk of infection.

SPRINT, conceived by SPR Therapeutics, is unique in that it can be placed under ultrasound guidance in an outpatient setting (clinic or same-day surgery) but only stays under the skin for up to 30 days.  It is then removed without requiring an incision and sustained pain relief has been observed in the studies that have been done.

This is an encouraging development for those that treat or suffer from focal peripheral nerve pain syndromes.  However, whether peripheral nerve stimulation is covered by one’s insurance plan and the extent of that coverage can vary greatly among insurance plans.

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