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Treat Your Osteoarthritis Knee Pain.

Osteoarthritis in the knees can cause a significant amount of pain that can affect a person’s ability to perform normal activities of daily living. As the amount of joint fluid decreases, there is less cushion from the cartilage to protect the joint. This damage in the knee can cause a great deal of pain that slowly progresses with walking, bending, and sitting or lying for long period. Staying active with regular physical activity is vital for the muscle strength in protecting the joints. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to reduce the stress placed in the joints. Continued range-of-motion exercises improve the stiffness to keep the proper movement and flexibility.

What to do when conservative measures don’t help the pain?

When the conservative measures discussed above do not keep the pain under control and the mobility continues to worsen, another option to look at is having a steroid injected into to the joint. This can decrease the inflammation enabling the joint to move with less pain. The down falls to these steroid injections are that they do not provide long lasting relief and steroids themselves have side effects with long term use. Many people can also have contraindications with steroid use for other medical problems.

Hyalgan is an FDA approved treatment of pain for osteoarthritis.

When more conservative measures have failed to provide adequate pain relief and function hylagan is a great treatment. The fluid (or protection) that is in the joint decreases with worsening arthritis. Essentially, Hyalgan is used as a replacement fluid for this loss as it adds back in the “cushion”, thereby reducing the pain. The Hyalgan can be a three-week injection series or a one-time full dose. While this is not a permanent treatment or cure, it should provide at least six months or more of moderate to significant pain relief. If the series provides six months or more of pain relief, it can be repeated. This injection series should not interact with oral medications and should not have a systemic affect. Hyalgan is a safe choice for osteoarthritis pain. Watch our video on how these injections are done and talk to your doctor today if you feel that is could be right for you. https://cahabapain.com/procedure-simulations/#vm_A_c2aaee2b