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Adding Aqua Therapy Can Help Improve Your Pain.

Here at Cahaba Pain, we try several types of interventions to help our patient that are experiencing pain. We use these methods in addition to medications, if applicable. One option that has shown benefit is hydrotherapy.

What is hydrotherapy?

Excellent question. Many people might know this better as aqua therapy. Basically, this is physical therapy but, in a heated pool and under the instruction of a physical therapist. Studies have shown an improvement in quality of life and decreasing pain in patients that have tried hydrotherapy for low back pain, knee pain, etc. (Yücesoy et al, 2019). The water helps lighten the strain on the joints and the back allowing the patient relief while exercising. Aqua therapy has also been shown to help patients lose weight, as well.

Making exercise a part of your everyday life improves your overall health.

Staying active in the setting of chronic pain is a challenge, to say the least. However, it is important to physical and mental health to exercise. It seems to be a cycle. Patients will hurt after activity, so they will not move to avoid this pain. A lifestyle of little to no movement or physical activity can lead to a life of more pain and depression. Aqua therapy can help with this struggle and break the cycle. Ask your provider about aqua therapy.

Emily Walker, CRNP

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