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About Us

Comprehensive Pain Management – What do we do?


Initial Evaluation
Each new patient’s pain is evaluated with a thorough history and physical exam. We will review relevant lab work and imaging studies such as MRI or X-Ray and may order others if necessary. Ultimately, we will establish a working diagnosis and focus our management plan on improving your quality of life.

Medication Management
There are a variety of medications that may be helpful to the patient suffering with chronic pain. However, we are also happy to avoid medication altogether if this is what the patient prefers. For more on medication management click here.

As Board Certified Pain Physicians, Dr. Thoma and Dr. Martin are trained to perform specialized procedures for pain. We seek to educate our patients on the specifics of each injection, rather than pass each procedure off as merely a “nerve block,” a generic description that in no way educates the patient about his/her care. Even if a patient has had an unsuccessful injection prior to coming to our clinic, we may have an alternative procedure to offer. To see how these injections are performed click here.

If your condition requires surgery, physical therapy, or care from another specialist, we will make that referral for you.